Our Digital Marketing Services - Sutton Marketing
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Our Services Include:

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads
Sutton Marketing will develop a comprehensive strategy by understanding the client's objectives and audience. We create visually appealing ad creatives, select suitable formats and placements, and optimise budgets and bids. We also focuses on monitoring and optimising campaigns, including A/B testing and remarketing. Regular reporting, engagement with the audience, and compliance with platform policies are integral to their approach.

Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads services involve crafting visually engaging ad creatives and optimising ad content tailored to the platform's audience. Sutton Marketing select the most appropriate ad formats and placements, sets budgets, and monitors campaign performance. We emphasise ad copy and landing page optimisation, as well as implementing remarketing strategies and community management. Regular reporting, experimentation with ad elements, and adapting to platform changes are fundamental to their Instagram ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads
We formulate a targeted strategy based on the client's business goals and audience. This includes audience segmentation, tailored ad creatives, and budget allocation. They continually monitor campaign performance, provide data-driven insights, and maintain ad compliance. Communication with the client and adapting strategies for growth are key components.

Facebook Ads

Social Media Management

Finding time to post your work is challenging when you are dealing with running a business. We make this easy by uploading, posting and scheduling your content so you don't have too. Ensuring your posts are live at optimum times so people won't miss your work.
Services include:
  • Content creation
  • Analytics reporting
  • Content scheduling
  • Feed & Story planning
  • Customised hashtag research
  • Engagement and community management

Google Ads

Every company aims to dominate Google search results, and we make that a reality. We start by understanding your unique business goals, whether you're a retailer selling to consumers or a service provider to businesses. Our years of experience and expertise are put to work to deliver the highest return on investment. We actively monitor your campaigns, making real-time adjustments to ensure optimal results. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to putting your business at the top of the search game.

LinkedIn Ads

Business Solutions

At Sutton Marketing, your business always comes first. Our primary principle is to prioritize your success. We offer expert knowledge and invaluable advice to catapult your company to the top. With flexible freelance options, we empower your company to make informed, business-driven decisions for long-term success. Our commitment is to be your strategic partner for years to come.

Package Option

We have bespoke package options available across all our services. With companies budgets limited for advertising, we offer the chance to save you time and money on your digital marketing. We work with you to find out what you need and begin creating and customising your campaigns. For a one off fee*, we create, launch and monitor your campaigns for the first month, adding any additional information or parameters we think will benefit your ads. We will then review your ads, discuss with your thoughts on how it's going and whether you would like to continue with us.

*fee varies depending on the package selected. This fee does not include marketing spend and is just the agency fee.

Marketing Package